Monday’s Workout On The Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill

Hi. The end of last week saw me reach a plateau in terms of doing the same workout on the treadmill over and over. So, this week is going to have variety so that the mix is going to keep me out of ‘cruise control’.

This was what I chalked out for a half hour session for myself on the all-comprehensive and versatile – StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill. Though I hit upon it late, it turned into a quick favourite because one doesn’t have to work 3 different equipments to give what this single equipment does.

The Stairmaster 7000 Stepmill is a tough workout machine yet the safest machine in terms of zero joint and bone damage due to Repetitive Strain Injuries (same session) and overuse injuries (over a period of time) that treadmills etc have the potential to inflict.

I plan to bring in variation into the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill’s workout routine as well. So not only have I changed my choice of my exercise equipment (from the treadmill to the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill) but also brought in a change with each exercise session on the same machine of choice – StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill.

Here’s what I did today:

Goal: Calorie Burning (After the weekend of binging on food and festivities!)

Total Time Spent: 45 minutes (Inclusive of a 5 minute pre-workout routine)

Workout Option (Choice of Selection from the Console Control): Calorie Burner

Basic Start Methodology
    Get on the Steps (Lower to Middle portion of the Stair)
    Press the Start Button
    Entered my Weight from the Console Number Pad. Enter.
    Entered the Resistance Level at 5. Enter.

Note how Step rate is reduced when Level (resistance) is stepped up. This is done to keep the Target Hear Rate Zone reading in acceptable range.

Warm Up 5 50% – 60% 5 90 steps a minute
Workout 10 60% – 70% 7 80 steps a minute
Workout (Burn) 5 60% – 70% 7 100 steps a minute
Workout (Burn) 10 70% – 80% 9 60 steps a minute
Workout 10 60% – 70% 6 65 steps a minute
Cool Down 5 50% – 60% 5 80 steps a minute

Total Calories Burnt: 290 calories!! (This is user-weight dependent. More calories are burnt for a heavier person.)

I have tabulated my workout for easy reading and understanding. The 2nd and 3rd columns are the ones on which we must keep vigilance.

If our duration has been reached at a given resistance level or speed, we must go on to the next.

We must also keep an eye on our Percent of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) statistic, taking care not to exceed 85% of MHR reading in any case. It will differ with different body weights and fitness levels.

If % MHR value hovering around the higher edge values, we must lower our speed and resistance level from the pad on the console of the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill.

The last two columns indicate those statistics that can and will have to be changed as per your workout goal for that day and your body signals while on the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill.

Watch out for tomorrow’s workout variation on the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill!

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