Post Workout Meal & Thursday’s Workout On The Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill

Hi. I had sound sleep last night after yesterday’s 7000 PT StepMill challenge! Again, before I proceed today, I must touch upon what you should eat post a huge workout (I had 1 hour of it yesterday, if you noticed) on the toughest machine.

For the majority of us who are looking to lose weight, we should try and not eat for an hour after such a work out. A non-sugar drink or water will be good. During an intense cardio workout, the body’s rate of metabolism steps up considerably (which allows burning fuel to get energy to carry on the exercise). This increased rate of metabolism continues to tick inside us half an hour to 45 minutes after the workout (and actually at a lesser but still increased rate for the rest of the day). If we feed ourselves within the hour, then the body uses the sugar off the food we eat instead of metabolising the fat stored in our body (which leads to weight loss) to get maintenance and repair energy.

However, if you have medical issues with (low) sugar levels, you may eat high fibre or lean carbohydrate or high protein foods such as a small bowl of fruits or 2 slices of high bran bread with hummus dip or 2 portions of soft steamed fish, 15 to 30 minutes after your workout on the Stair Master 7000 PT StepMill.

Back to our workout. I put myself on Manual today so that I may control the intensity and pace of the stepping after a yesterday’s huge workout. I did my back stretching exercise (Today I included the Cat Stretch, the back push/resistance exercises and some yoga postures pre-workout) So here goes:

Select Manual Option Entered
Warm Up 5 50% – 60% 6 90 steps a minute
Workout 20 75% – 80% 8 100 steps a minute
Cool Down 5 50% – 60% 5 80 steps a minute

A 30 (+ 10 minutes of pre-workout) minute exercise session with all the essentials built in to excel on the Stair Master 7000 PT StepMill.

Will catch you tomorrow with a another program on the Stair Master 7000 PT StepMill with some related insights…

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