Top 10 Ways To Maximize Your Weight Loss With A Treadmill

So far I have spoken only about the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill which I think gives the most comprehensive and safe workout one can bargain for. However, if your local gym does not sport one, you may achieve good results with a treadmill or any other piece of equipment.

After having gone through umpteen treadmills through my training years, I have grown to love the Stairmaster 612 Plus Club Trax for a variety of reasons. First, it has a better ‘give’ on its belt, making it a better option for lower joints. Second, I find it the front consol not overwhelming coming up to your face thus enabling you to see your posture and footing in the mirror in front of you. Third…

Here’s how we can optimize our workout (Cardio and Weight Loss in the same workout) on the Stairmaster 612 Plus Club Trax (or any other treadmill):

The following routine should be a Continuous workout without breaks and dictated by your % MHR reading on your console display. You may vary your intensity by altering your Inclination or Speed values and based on your fitness levels.

Warm Up 10 Mins 50% – 60% Walk / Jog 6.4 kmph 0 %
Workout 20 – 40 Mins 70% – 80% Jog / Sprint 7 – 10 kmph 2% – 5%
Cool down 10 Mins 50% – 60% Walk / Jog 6.4 mph 0%

However, I find Interval workouts most effective on the Stairmaster 612 Plus Club Trax or any other treadmill. It alternatively ramps up and down the pulse giving cardio recovery time and burns maximum fat per minute this way. Here is a ballpark routine which you may vary depending on your fitness levels and body signals on any given day:

Warm Up 5 – 10 Mins Low Walk 3 – 5 kmph 0%
Workout 1 Min High Jog 5 kmph 5%
Workout 2 Mins Medium Jog 3 – 5 kmph 1%
Workout 1 Min High Jog 5.5 kmph 6%
Workout 2 Mins Medium Jog 3 – 5 kmph 1%
Repeat the above High & Medium level pairs, 4 more times ^ speed by 0.5 kmph @ Highs
Cool down 5 Mins Low Walk 3 kmph 0%

Keep in mind not to reach beyond 85% of MHR reading on your console. If so, slow down and adjust Speed or Inclination to lower levels.

Treadmill weight loss is one of the most effective and successful methods of losing weight. All it requires is consistency of about 40 minutes of workout 5 days a week along with healthy low fat diet. Rest and recovery are as important as the exercises – they prevent overuse injuries. In the next post, I will be writing on how you can stay motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals. Stay fit and have a nice day!

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