Wednesday’s Workout On The Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill & Pre-Workout Intake

Hi. Before I get into what experiments I indulged in with the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill at the gym today, let me touch upon what would make a perfect meal before we head to this ultimate fat burning machine.

With 3 consecutive days spent on the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill I realized that I could not last another 2 days of working on it, if I did not eat smartly before the workout. Here’s what I advise:

If you are looking at Fat Loss as your goal, then you should create an effective 300 calories deficit from your diet for the period till your desired weight is achieved. If the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill takes care of these calories, we must take care that we are not in a hurry to go back and stuff simple carbohydrates after or before the exercise.

Remember, that any exercise of durations 20 minutes or less does not require a pre-workout carb saturated intake. However, if you plan to keep at the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill on an everyday basis for more than 20 minutes (say 30 minutes or more), you must take care to eat high fibre but lean foods at least an hour before in mild to moderate quantity.

For those of you who own or have access to the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill or workout on it as a part of your exercise regimen an apple and a cup (not mug) of skimmed or low fat milk or yoghurt will be good. 2 slices of toasts with non-sugar juice will be good too. Drinking water through the workout will be highly beneficial due to the sweating the exercise will generate.

No sugar-based sports/energy drinks are required for any StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill exercise routine lesser than an hour. A mug of coffee before the exercises of the intensity the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill provides will be a bad idea – it will give erroneous %MHR reading on the display as the pulse and heart quickens after caffeine intake and you may end up adjusting your Level and Speed to lower grades unnecessarily.

Coming back to the route I followed today- I tried to stay longer in the same Steps per Minute loop as I did on Monday – a sign of improving cardio conditioning and more efficient fuel processing by the body:

Warm Up 5 50% – 60% 5 90 steps a minute
Workout 5 60% – 70% 7 80 steps a minute
Workout (Burn) 10 60% – 70% 7 100 steps
a minute
15 70% – 80% 9 60 steps a minute
Workout 20 60% – 70% 6 65 steps a minute
Cool Down 5 50% – 60% 5 80 steps a minute

Hope this gives you some ideas to play with on your StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill today…

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