Top 10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Stairmaster 7000 PT Stepmill

Hello, and hope you are feeling fighting fit today. No? Have you ever considered the workout antidote? Yes, exercising increases oxygen levels in your blood and muscles and renews your nerve cells leaving you feeling younger and more agile.

My last post said that the fitness industry considers that the StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill provides the toughest workout in the world. If you own or have access or are even thinking of buying one, then these basics on how you can optimize the utility of your StairMaster 7000 PT StepMill will help:

  1. If you are new to the StepMill or are not a seasoned gym-goer, you should use the StepMill up to a maximum of 10 minutes at Levels 1-5.
  2. However, if you follow some kind of an exercise regime, you may want to extend your workouts to 20-25 minutes, again at any Level between 1 and 5 only.
  3. For those of us who are interested in losing weight, we may choose the Fat Burner workout option and exercise up to a good 35 – 40 minutes stepping their Level of Resistance (1-20) as per their body signals. Remember, any fat burning process starts at beyond 20 minutes of beginning and attaining a stable exercise rate. Durations lesser than 20 minutes only utilise your blood glucose while exerting and doesn’t burn stored fat from the body.
  4. For those of us who are more seasoned at the game, we may choose the Speed Intervals option from the consol – one of the other great ways to get a combined cardio and fat burning workout.
  5. This even suits beginners in the sense that he/she feels in control of the pace and intensity of the workout. Keeping the program on manual will help the beginner keep control of the speed and give him or her ability to slow down when needed and return to a higher speed once rested.
  6. An average gym goer may try the following routine on the StepMill:
    • Choose Quick Start
    • Warm up at an easy pace for 5 minutes (any comfortable Level 1-5)
    • Go for 5-10 minutes on Level 8 -10
    • Change to 10-15 minutes back on Level 1-5
    • Go for 15 minutes on level 10 or the highest level you can go
    • Slow down for 15 minutes between Levels 3-5 before stopping.
  7. The Quick Start option is good for those who are tight on time but high on workout effectiveness. It gives them a fixed 20 minute routine (this can be tough!) at a pre-set pace which may be altered by the user.
  8. The Heart Rate Zone Train option is an interesting one in that within each training zone, subtle physiological effects take place to enhance your fitness. I recommend the 60% to 70% Zone throughout the workout as it is the most energy efficient zone and develops basic endurance and aerobic capacity. Keep an eye on the heart rate monitor reading.
  9. If you are good on balance and posture, let go off the hand rails to burn more calories
  10. However, at all times be tuned into your body signals. Should you feel uncomfortable, out of balance or dizzy at any point of time, hold on to your hand rails, decrease your Level of Resistance from the number pad on the console to 1 or 2 and stopping before getting the attention of your instructor.

So you see, the Stairmaster 7000 Stepmill is the perfect machine for beginners, for those looking to go hiking on vacations or running that charity marathon or simply getting one helluva workout! And remember, exercising is all about staying healthy and safe. You want to come back to the gym again for your workout injury-free. Until then…

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Comment by Bill Powell
2008-12-18 21:12:09

I am recovering from a soleus tear on my right leg ( Aug07) and am currently building up my calves in the gym and started using the Stairmaster. I have been on it now 4 times and gradually worked up to 12 minutes between 9-10 level.

Do you have any suggestions on the use of the Stairmaster for me? I cannot use the treadmill due to the range of motion in the right leg and swelling afterwards. On the Stairmaster there is no swelling or undue soreness which is why I use it.


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